Wait Wait ... It's Paula

Paula Poundstone

8 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 22

Fox Tucson Theatre17 W. Congress St.


Two years ago Paula Poundstone rang in the New Year in the Old Pueblo, and she's coming back to the Fox Theatre to make more Tucson memories. Before she became a regular on NPR's weekly news quiz show Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me, she was just a struggling road comic that performed frequently in Tucson.

"I used to work a club called Laffs a thousand years ago," Poundstone said. "I remember there was a really nice jewelry store I would walk by and I came across this silver bracelet. It had all these Native Americans holding hands engraved into it. Finally, on the last night, I went in the store and said I'm going to get myself this treat."

The sentimental piece of jewelry used to be part of her uniform. "I always felt like I was carrying that symbol of alcoholism and oppression there on my wrist for all to see. It's a beautiful bracelet."

The passing of legendary comedian Sid Caesar brought up Poundstone's thoughts on her own legacy. "I don't think I would trend (on Twitter) in my death," Poundstone said. "If I died tomorrow, my house would be full of cat pee in two days. I'm a slave to those damn cats."

"Honestly, It's hard to not think about one's demise and what impact that would have. I think everyone has that thought. Every time I find myself slipping off in that direction, I have to remind myself to make sure I'm having an impact now. I want to have done something to have lightened the burden for the people I'm in contact with.

"If I were to be remembered it would be by the people in the grocery store," Poundstone said.

"Let me tell you something, my passing will have an enormous impact on the cashiers at the grocery store in Santa Monica."

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