Vote Early, Not Often

On Page 24-25 of this week's print edition you'll find this year's Best of TucsonTM ballot.

We'll run it throughout April and May. Then we'll count all the ballots, tabulate the results and put the BOT issue together, which will hit the streets on Sept. 27 (which is the official Night of the Living Best of TucsonTM!). Get it? Got it? Good.

But we can't do the issue without your votes--and the more votes from regular readers, the better! So, please, fill in the blanks, or do so online at

And even though all the rules are listed (in print and pixels), it can't hurt to reiterate a few of the big ones:

· Please fill out at least 20 categories. This requirement helps us cut down on the stuffing attempts. If you don't fill out 20, your ballot won't be counted; it's that simple.

· Please include your address and either a phone number or an e-mail address. We randomly contact voters to verify ballots, so it's important.

· Vote only once.

· No ballot-stuffing. Campaigning is OK--we can't stop it--but anything beyond simple campaigning is a no-no. For example, business owners can't provide envelopes or stamps, or make employees vote, or highlight categories. Just do not do it. And if I have reason to suspect something is amiss, I won't hesitate to throw out ballots and disqualify businesses/groups/whatever.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. And thanks in advance for voting!

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