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Jack Wallace and the High Tones “You Are The One”/”I Think of You” Zoom Records, ZR001, 1959

Jack Wallace and the High Tones "You Are The One"/"I Think of You"

Zoom Records, ZR001, 1959

While watching Jack Wallace and the High Tones perform at a dance, two Catalina High School students, Ray Lindstrom and Burt Schneider, decided there and then to start what became Tucson's first record label, Zoom Records. The duo recorded Jack and company at Audio Recorders, Phoenix, and pressed the record at Wakefeild, also in Phoenix. As was the formula for so many 45 RPM releases from the era. The A-side's an up-tempo rocker while the flip falls into the ballad category, both with a doo-wop vocal backing, and both in ultra-primitive glory. Jack croons, of course, influenced by Elvis but sounding more like Michigan rockabilly hero Jack Scott. What's striking about this 45 is not only that the music was performed, and the record released by actual teenagers, but the person singing actually wrote both songs. What we have here is a bona-fide Old Pueblo gem on so many levels! The Zoom Records discography spans only three records but both Schneider and Lindstrom continued their musical journeys in the '60s on radio, with Schneider working at Tucson's first classical station and Lindstrom at AM powerhouse KTKT. The story of Zoom, Burt, and Ray to be continued ...

Ray Lindstrom on KTKT radio:

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