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Adam Borowitz, our City Week listings dude, recently noticed something: A venue that holds events on a fairly regular basis wasn't sending us any information about those events. Therefore, Adam did what every good City Week listings dude (or, um, dudette) would do: He called said venue to ask if they could start sending us info.

For all his hard work, Adam was rewarded by being told the same thing, more or less, that then-Vice President Dick Cheney once told Sen. Patrick Leahy on the floor of the U.S. Senate. (Here's a hint: What was said to Adam and Sen. Leahy is not nice. At all.)

Apparently, management at that venue, because of something that happened several years ago—what happened, exactly, I do not know—was left with the impression that the Tucson Weekly had a vendetta against the venue.

Adam responded by assuring the profane person on the other end of the phone that, no, there was no such vendetta against the venue; after all, if a vendetta were in place, he would not be phoning the venue to request listings information.

Long story short, Adam patched things up, and we're now getting listings info from that venue. As a result, everyone is better-served: Our readers can know about events there, and the venue presumably will get more business.

There's a lesson here: If you think the Tucson Weekly has a vendetta against you, your business or pretty much anything, you're wrong. I swear to you: We're too damn busy around here to maintain vendettas. Really. I promise.

Got questions? Give us a holler.

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