Typo Terrors

Being the kind of guy that I am, I love all of The Weekly's readers.

Yeah. I just adore all of them.

I especially adore the ones who find the time in their busy schedules to call and leave messages (they never seem to call during office hours) or write letters about typos or grammar problems in the paper. Like the gent who called last weekend to inform us we mixed up the words "dissemble" and "disassemble." Or the woman who wrote us a letter, published this week, because yours truly messed up "I" and "me" in an article. Or the woman who called, sounding as if she was rabid, to tell us we messed up the date of an event. (The organizers gave us bad information.)

It's charming that they read our fine newspaper so closely that they can pick these things out when they're not on deadline, in the peaceful quiet of their lives. It's also wonderful that they care enough to call or write and let is know what peabrains we are after the paper is printed, when there's nothing we can do to correct the error.

Yes. I love these readers. So much, that I want to give them a hug. A squeeze, even.

A really tight one.

But such a thing would probably run me afoul of some assault law or something, so I won't do that. Instead, we'll have a contest.

Here's the deal: Go through this week's issue, and e-mail me--no messages when I am not here or anything like that--with all the typos/grammar mistakes you can find. The person who finds the most mistakes will win some sort of prize.

Yes, I am being serious. Send those e-mails by Wednesday, May 14, at noon.


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