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Re: “Mailbag

Read the full article and comments left from concerned parents.…

What we also would like to know is where is the money coming from to fund the expansions of more schools? Mr Karatas had stated in the news letter that the school has been hit by cut backs. That they need your donations which was false. In the SSA newsletter he stated this. In the Nov. the Az Daily Star stated that charters have not been hit with cut backs at all! So we would like to know where the money is coming from to build new schools. Every business in the state has been effected yet SSA is thriving and expanding. How is this even possible?

Mr. Adak is asking for approval now for replications because there will be more time to work on the building. The facility is very important. Dr. Yilmaz would like to approve for replications, but want to make sure that we have flexibility due to financial concerns. Dr. Yildiz explained that time is necessary when charter applications are submitted. There is no time limit, but a time line once state approves. Mr. Adak gave a presentation for the proposed Oro Valley site: K-8, 450 students, 10-12 acres, 2 classes per grade. There are four options so far; Mr. Adak showed top four options. Dr. Yilmaz to go ahead and apply for replication for SSA-Oro Valley with Mr. Adak as the signer and SSA-Flagstaff with Dr. Yildiz as the signer. Dr. Baysal seconded the motion and all members present voted yes to the proposal.
RESOLVED that applications for replication be submitted for SSA-Oro Valley with Mr. Adak as the signer and SSA-Flagstaff with Dr. Yildiz as the signer.

Posted by TW reader on 01/31/2010 at 11:35 AM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?

I thought this was an interesting blog that was found on another websight.

Fahrettin Altay Pasha COMMENTED ON THIS POST Date November 3, 2009 at 05:40.

The FG CULT own most of the newspapers and channels in Turkey. Anything anybody does or says which is negative about this movement is bullied, ridiculed and lied about. Newspapers such as TARAF, ZAMAN, TV Stations such as Samanyolu, Kanal 7 all publicise how Gulen and his movement are making this world a better place to live. Its all a lie! Dont forget people, Gulen came to the US in the mid 90’s with nothing. The CIA openned up its funding and gave Gulen anything he wanted. Within 10 years, Gulen’s empire has an annual income of circa 20 billion USD… This is mainly through his schools and publishing and broadcasting empire. His papers and tv’s are spending alot of resources these days broadcasting how seculism is not the true path and the tru path is that of Sharia.
Gulens main paper’s Taraf and Zaman sell in Turkey (these are also exporeted and printed around the world) for less than the price of unrefined paper! Work that out! This is an example of some of the beleifs Gulen has… (Try searching for him on Utube.) He has a tender to cry and make his audience feel sorry and they pretty much are in with Gulen, hook, line and sinker.
Gulen is known for saying “To prove them wrong, you need to do anything within your power, that includes bribery and if required spend 1 billion in order to have them pay a fine of 1 million. The point is have them be lowered in the peoples eyes”
This man is in the brink of bringing Turkey to its knees. He is solely behind everyhitng negative in Turkey today. For example, the ERGENEKON case is that of Gulens planning (backed by CIA) the aim is to weaken the Turkish Armed Forces.
Speak to your congressmen, why is this man allowed to stay in the US? He has no citizenship. He should be asked to leave.
Do some searching on the web, I know of many people (have a personal friend) who was deep with these people. They finally broke free and all they can tell you is how dangerous these people are.

Posted by TW reader on 01/30/2010 at 1:15 AM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?

Some have us had researched his sermons on You tube. The problem is none of us speak Turkish. I wish somebody would find them and gove those videos Englosh Subtitles. But disturbing enough here is the Gulen You Tube Channel in English. The pearls of wisdom videos are disturbing enough. Also on this link you can see SSA mentioned again in the Turkish Olympiads.…

Posted by TW reader on 01/28/2010 at 3:00 PM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?

The relationship between the Gülen movement and the institutions described above is loose and one more of inspiration than organization. As in Turkey, the movement is extremely decentralized. For example, there appears to be no central recordkeeping office for the Gülen-related institutions in Germany; each city or town is responsible for organizing and maintaining its own schools and centers. Moreover, many of the participants in the centers and schools appear to have no idea that they are inspired in any way by the ideas of Gülen. According to the head of the Wedding Educational Center, 80 percent of the parents are unaware that the centers are connected in any way with the Gülen movement since the staff does not typically talk about it with them. Indeed, he emphasized that most teachers are there because they believe in what the centers are doing, not because they are necessarily inspired by Gülen. The Director of the Learning Center in Ingolstadt estimated that more than fifty percent of the members of the Association but only two or three of the teachers have anything to do with the movement. In any case, every director and representative with whom I spoke was clearly influenced by the ideas and practice of the movement

Read more:…

Posted by TW reader on 01/28/2010 at 1:51 PM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?


The Turkish Fethullah Gülen movement is really an Islamic fundamentalist group, claims Rotterdam council member Anita Fähmel (Leefbaar Rotterdam) on the basis of her own study of the Turkish movement. The Dutch intelligence service claimed in the past after a study that the movement is not an organization which is dangerous to the state.

For her study the council member looked up public sources. She also says she had at her disposal documents entrusted to her. Fähmel now concludes that the Gülen movement is a group which plays an important role in the Islamization of Turkey and which makes use of intimidation, discrimination and oppression.

She bases herself on a study of the Bogazici University, according to her the most prominent university of Turkey. In this study of the Islamization of Turkey, the movement came out very badly, writes the councillor in her study. "The Gülen movement uses intimidation, discrimination and oppression to accomplish its goals."

Former Minister of Integration and Housing, Ella Vogellar (Labor Party) had the AIVD do a study after the Parliament asked for one after a broadcast of the actuality program Nova in July about the organization. Turkey experts explained in the broadcast that the movement which is known as moderate and which receives a government subsidy, has a double agenda.

The Turkish Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen did not strive for dialog but for the Islamization of society, it was argued in the program. the movement had thousands of supporters in the Netherlands and is active in education, media and in business.

After the AIVD study, Vogelaar reported that Fethullah Gülen is not turning against Dutch society. "They do not turn away from the West at all," said the minister. "the movement is just very socially involved."

Fähmel says she hopes that she proves with her study that the movement really holds influence in Rotterdam "and that this influence raises barriers against integration, freedom, education and security." The councillor thinks that her reports is at the least a reason to make a better study of the organization. Fähmel will present the results of her study Thursday in the Administration, ,Security and Means committee meeting.

Posted by TW reader on 01/28/2010 at 1:45 PM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?

Even the people back home in Turkey can see through the smoke that this movement and charter schools are faith based and religious in its intentions.

Fethullah Gülen Community in the last days, especially in English language publication, "faith-based movement" that is the 'faith-based movement' began to be called. Today's Zaman in English or other community sites that publish the "community" is highlighted instead of "faith-based action" under emphasis consolidated at a more prestigious look to foreigners wonder of community effort is lying?

In Turkish will not be much use, especially in the sight of America and the UK government which has a meaning "faith-based movement," includes a sense highly prestigious. Have a religious framework, but no more than jobs and help people focus on issues such as these are non-profit organizations, and in America, state by state support and fonlanıyorlar. Already the congregation in a foreign language in the journal several times about his "we are not sectarian." Say the boil went further and "we are faith-based movement, our goal is not profit, just to help people." Seems to have become.

A change of this capacity is not known, but not if they are useful, although it can not be seen in Turkey as in Germany Lighthouse common cause very serious damage to the credibility of the congregation is given the middle.
Contribute a better translation

Posted by TW reader on 01/28/2010 at 1:20 PM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?

It would appear that in this article the Gulen Movement is pressing to change the education system in Germany. Only the Anti-German is supprting Gulen and his ideals. Gulen wnats to re write the history books for Germany and Turkey.

Communities in the city of Munich, Germany on February 9 at an international symposium "Islamic Movement" under the title of the Gülen Movement in the West is getting ready to promote dialogue as a partner.

Symposium on Community's student association IDIZEM Munich Munich city, Germany's leading in the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Public High School, Prophet Abraham (Freunde Abrahams) an organization called Friends of the Protestant Church and the Catholic Church represents the "Pax Christi" movement is organizing jointly.

Among the speakers from Washington and Said-i Nursi Gulen Prof known for their research. Dr. Thomas Michel, Ercan Karakoyun from Berlin from Moscow, Prof. Dr. Leonid R. Sykiainen has. Also from Turkey, Fatih University Dr. War and the Patriarchate spokesman Dr Young. Father will join Dositheos Anagnostopoulos.

Symposium on religions and between cultures in the Gulen Movement in working for peace and dialogue efforts will be recognized as an organization.

Symposium on Regulated and organizations under the leadership of the Orthodox Church the night of the year so-called "Armenian Genocide" commemorative ceremonies were held.

Churches and intensive dialogue with the Jewish community especially in the bargain of the Gülen Movement in Germany, mainly training activities, dialogue, continues on compliance issues.

National Vision and its subsidiaries for years while under the German Constitution Protection Agency's follow-up, Gülen Movement are ignored. Constitution Protection Agency's periodic reports it removed the name of Gülen and the movement does not even pass because, Gülen Movement credibility and reliability to prove to the church and the Jewish community in cooperation with the conscious activities of the German Constitution and the laws according to continue. In this way, their real purpose as successful for years and they have to keep pressing.

The purpose of these activities in Turkey and the German institutions distort history and government with the support of Turkey, and Turkey about the unstable is to create a false image. With the support of foreign countries, the biggest targets Secular Turkey's General Staff and to damage Turkey's entry to the EU is to prevent.

Gulen's "philosopher of peace such as" showing the German media, he mentioned that while living in the United States, why there saying that the law does not provide information to the persistent attitude continues for years. On the other hand the German Ministry of Education of the growing day by day as the school allows them to Gülen, Turkey are contrary to integration policy for immigrants.

Appears that the anti-German politicians and German media in Turkey in this regard is seen as the strategic partner of the Gülen and his activities are supported.

Atilla Coşkun
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Posted by TW reader on 01/28/2010 at 1:09 PM

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