Tucson Winners

You are holding in your hand (unless you're reading this online, in which case, God knows what you're holding in your hand) the Tucson Weekly's 17th annual Best of Tucson™ issue.

I can't tell you how happy I am that you're finally holding this. One reason: We've been working on the thing since March, when we first sat down to figure out what the theme would be. And it's good to be done.

The other reason: It's nice to step back and honor the best that Tucson has to offer, putting a spotlight on Tucson's finest businesses, organizations, groups and individuals, as voted on by our readers, and as picked by our staff.

Thanks to all of you who voted last spring. As promised, we randomly selected some voters to receive prizes. Congratulations to Christopher Lane, Erin Gooch and Nathan Li; they will all receive a gift certificate for services at a yet-to-be-determined Best of Tucson™ readers' choice winner.

Thanks also to all the Weekly contributors who pitched in to put the issue together. And special thanks to the men and women who helped craft the incredible look for this year's issue--Michaela Steed led the parade, with help from Renee Chamberlain, Jason Lindstrom, Hugh Dougherty and the artist, John Craig.



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