Tucson Weedly's Cannabis Bowl

A little over a month ago, we put a call out to all Tucson area medical marijuana patients and asked you to participate in our first Cannabis Bowl—a best of reader choice of products, people and places in our local medical marijuana universe. Thanks for participating and letting us know who, what and where you like best. We look forward to doing this again next year, celebrating our MMJ community in our annual 420 Tucson Weedly issue.

Best Dispensary

Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center

8060 E. 22nd St., #108

Tucson, AZ


When you walk into Desert Bloom, right away you recognize that this is a place that make marijuana and information a priority. Unlike a few other dispensaries out there, this spot doesn't try to hide the fact that medical marijuana, in all its incarnations, is sold here and that helping people in need is what they do best. But when people post reviews about Desert Bloom they like other things to, such as the variety of products and the specials. Their far-eastside location doesn't interfere with appealing to medical marijuana patients from all over the Old Pueblo.


Best Budtender

George Sawyer

You know your weed and you figure you can be a budtender. But if you're familiar with the TV show Cheers, then you must understand that it takes more than just an understanding of alcohol to get people coming back. George Sawyer is one of those people in the world of weed. Budtenders are considered one of the most important people at a dispensary—the first person you interact with that has to understand the variety of weed out there, what it can do to you, and the most important detail: How it can help what ails you.


Best Certification Center

Tumbleweeds Health Center

5315 E. Broadway, #103


For some people new to weed, but facing a serious illness or debilitating health issue, figuring out the state process to apply for a new patient medical marijuana card can seem daunting. The fact that Tumbleweeds won this patient-reader category isn't surprising, since they are known for having a friendly staff that answers all those questions and help process card applications with ease.


Best MMJ Doc

Heather Moroso

Moroso Medical Center

412 E. Seventh St.

Dr. Moroso, who's had a naturopathic practice in Tucson since 2003, is known for her service, not just her practice. In 2006, she won new volunteer of the year award from the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, and she's served on several boards with the mission to help and serve. In 2007, she helped start Positively Beautiful, an organization that helps people living with HIV/AIDS looks and feel their best. In the medical marijuana world, this doc is considered a friend and champion, helping people through the certification process and understanding their condition.

Best Delivery

Earth's Healing

2075 E. Benson Highway


No wonder Earth's Healing was chosen by our patient-readers for their delivery service. This dispensary services patients in more than 20 zip codes in Tucson, as well as Marana, Oro Valley and other parts of Pima County. That's service. When dispensaries first started opening in Tucson and elsewhere throughout the state, delivery of product was considered an important service for patients unable to leave their home. Figuring out the logistics was deemed important and these guys have it down.


Best Educational Center


Tumbleweeds Health Center

5315 E. Broadway, #103


Getting the patient card is the most important thing for those who want to use medical marijuana, and that's great, but often people new to weed need information. Health centers, like Tumbleweeds are important because they provide that info to those new and old to weed in their library with reading materials and and DVD's. There's more offered in their retail area, but it's the educated staff that put them at the top.


Best Waiting Room


6205 N. Travel Center Drive


This isn't your grandmothers waiting room folks,—beautiful and modern with a boutique feel. It's obvious from the start that Botanica wants to be a different. Some places go for that home feel, Botanica goes for something above all that. They consider themselves curators of cannabis bringing Tucson patients the best, so why not start it off that way from the first moment you step inside?


Best Customer Service Earth's Healing

2075 E. Benson Highway


There's a reason why our local dispensaries put education at the top—for staff and patients. Without good information backed by facts and science, there's practically no reason to be in the business of caring for people. Earth's Healing has this reputation, plus putting the customer first, and obviously patient-readers took notice. 

Best Indica Flower

Blueberry Kush

This strong indica strain is known to bring on a heavy body sensation that's perfect for easing pain and bringing on relaxation. This is a hybrid strain of Blueberry and OG Kush, with a fresh berry aroma and herbalness. Originally from Oregon. Good treatment before bedtime.


Best Sativa Dominate Flower

Casey Jones

This sativa strain has a variety of reviews out there, but the most important one is that it's a sativa that doesn't leave you a high stoned mess, which makes it good for daytime use when you have to interact with you mom or neighbor.


Best Hybrid Flower

Blue Dream

A Calfiornia-born sativa dominant hybrid that a cross of Blueberry indica and sativa Haze. Recommended for full-body relaxation, but without the dopey side effects. A daytime recommend even with its high THC levels.


Best CBD Flower


This might be one of the best strains to recommend to those new to marijuana, but seeking relief. Light on the THC, it's a good first step to figure out what works and what doesn't. High in CBD's and low in THC.


Best Baked Edible

Aunt Ellie's Brownies

Green Halo's brownies known for a delicious delivery. Great ingredients, which makes it a delicious way to get what you need from weed. Look, understand that sometimes those white chocolate chips make a difference.


Best Candy Edible

Bhang Chocolate

Professional chocolatiers making regular chocolate now making medicated bars—it's understandable why these edibles rule the market across the country. Great taste and a good delivery.


Best Topical

Firebrand Healing Balm 

A topical cannabis healing balm helpful to those with a variety of conditions, but great for painful problem areas.

Best Sativa Dominate Concentrate

MedLava Micky Kush Shatter

Delivered as a shatter, this strain is a cross between Sweet Irish Kish and Jack the Ripper, known for high THC and high cannabinoid content. This is good for nausea, pain and depression, giving patients the best of both worlds.


Best Indica Dominate Concentrate

Blackberry Kush

This indica strain is a mix of Afghani and Blackberry strain. Often recommended for pain treatment due to long-lasting indica body effects.


Best Hybrid Dominate Concentrate

Larry OG

Also known by some patients as Lemon Larry, this Orange County strain is a cross between OG Kush and SFV OG. Considered a relaxation strain with an easy buzz that isn't overwhelming.

Best Non-Solvent Hash

K.I.N.D. Hash

This is a hash product that offers a smooth and heady high. This paste-like substance varies in color and texture, but is known for delivering cannabis flavor that can be dabbed or smoked.


Best Vape Pen


This little prepackaged pens are perfect way to get the drug delivery you need in a discrete way. You screw in the liquid medications and go from there. The only that come directly from Tucson, made by the food folks at Earth's Healing.


Best CBD Concentrate


While this strain is low in THC, it is high in canniboids—the kind of strains that are making scientists look at marijuana for its life-changing and life-saving qualifies for those with seizures and other illnesses.

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