Tucson Crews

(so you know what that tag stands for)

AF: Art Farm. Formed in 1998.

APT: Another Property Taken. Once on hiatus, the eastside crew APT is making a comeback with old-school and new-school writers out all over the city.

BSR: Born Strictly Rotten. BSR has held a decade-long rivalry with YPN.

BUS: Being Ugly Sucks. A midtown crew started in 1994.

CBK: City Bombing Kings. An offshoot of some of the ATP members.

D6: Deep Six. D6 was formed by a few members of UBS in 1998.

DEA: Drunk Every Afternoon. An influential crew for the younger generation of graffiti writers, DEA was formed in 1993.

FBI: Fuck Being Innocent, Far Beyond Insane.

FOK: Fuck Other Crews. Formed in 1996.

JFK: Just For Kings, Just For Kicks.

MS3: Mystery Crew. Formed in 1998.

SNR: Show No Respect. Formed in 1991.

STM: Sworn To Mob. The most "original gangster" crew, STM members hailed from the southside and were gangster inspired, according to Kai.

TSK: True Sick Kids, True Scribble Kings. Formed in 1994, TSK used to be known as CSK.

UBS: United By Style. Formed in 1995 by Casino, UBS is made up of midtown members of DEA.

UK: Unkouth Kats, Unleashing Kans, Ugly Kids, Ultra Kill, Usurping Koncrete. Started in the late '90s by Kai, UK is the main crew in Tucson with members spanning the United States. Members include Blah, Gator, Nada, Taso, Iner, Bens, Raze and Exit.

YPN: Your Property Next.