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Re: “Woman Echos the Thoughts of Every Tucsonan Melting in the Summer Heat

I swear if I hear "but its a dry heat" from one more MFin transplant I'm gonna punch someone! So is my effin oven, but I don't go crawl in there now do I?! When you step outside and feel like you're in some bad vampire movie and your flesh is burning off as you wither and die right there in the driveway, it is too goshdamn hot. Have you noticed that we all get darker in the summer? That's not a tan guys, it's charred skin.

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Posted by Tucgirl on 07/09/2013 at 4:38 PM

Re: “Broken Faith

first mistake, thinking that it won't happen to you. This allows one to drop their guard and not pay attention to what is going on around them. The driver may have run the stop sign but was the bicyclist prepared? Considering that she got away with relatively minor injuries I'm guessing that she was. When you're on a bike and at odds with 1 ton+ vehicles one should assume that everyone is going to run the stop sign/light/turn in front of you and be prepared when it does happen. When you ride a bike an altercation with a car is a matter of when, not if, never think that it won't happen to you. Second mistake, riding at dusk. This is a bad time to do anything on a road walk, ride, drive, anything. This is when visibility is at it's worst. Plan your ride accordingly. you are better off riding after dark with a light than at dusk when the natural angle of light does a great job at hiding small, non reflective objects. I am not trying to blame the victim here, as it may seem. The driver was in the wrong, running a stop sign and hitting anyone or anything is wrong. That person should be prosecuted if they are ever found. I am however advocating for cyclists to understand the inherent dangers of riding on roads that we share with large, heavy, death inducing tin cans operated by people who are erratic in their behavior, lacking in driving skills and likely not paying attention or impaired by drugs, alcohol or lack of sleep. the driver of the car might be the one in the wrong, they may be the one who broke the law, but they are not the ones who end up in the ER or dead, those of us on the bikes are, so it is our responsibility to look out for our own safety as much or more so than it is theirs.

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Posted by Tucgirl on 07/09/2013 at 12:18 PM

Re: “Certain AZ Legislators Want High Schoolers to Recite a Loyalty Oath Before Graduating

This is the oath of allegiance to the US military except for one part about obeying all orders from the president of the United States... Based on this oath and the one that all military personnel take anyone under it can legally turn upon the legislature of this state and US congress based on the violations of constitutional rights that congress and state legislature ratify on a regular basis.

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Posted by Candice Eaton on 01/23/2013 at 8:09 PM

Re: “Pit Bulls Are In Focus Tomorrow In Two Tucson Events

Funny thing; Labs are responsible for the most human bite/maulings every year, but still pit bulls get singled out. The breed is not the problem the owners are the problem.

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Posted by Candice Eaton on 10/26/2012 at 6:56 PM

Re: “Wondering If Bristol Palin Has Something Dumb to Say About Obama and Same-Sex Marriage?

Rose-Marie, the scary thing is that some conservative think tank (oxymoron) actuallyput these words into her pretty, but dumb mouth and passed it off as news in the first place.

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Posted by Candice Eaton on 05/10/2012 at 3:39 PM

Re: “This Is What We're Doing to Keep Teens From Having Sex Now

If you want to scare kids into keeping their pants on take them all down to the maternity ward to witness a live birth, and a C-section birth and show the boys what wage garnishment for child support do their pay checks. Than when you're all done know that nature will do as it pleases and give them all handfuls of condoms. Kids are not stupid and can realize propaganda when they see it, for Pete sake this is a generation that grew up being advertised to from birth. Stop insulting thier intelligence and tell them the truth.

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Posted by Candice Eaton on 05/08/2012 at 11:47 AM

Re: “Jesse Kelly on Health Care: "The Highest Quality and Lowest Cost Can Only Be Delivered Without The Government"

Because the provate sector in this country has been doing so good at providing quality affordable healthcare we should leave it up to the guys who stand to profit the most from someone not getting the care that they need to decide whether they should get it or not. In most other arenas that would be considered a conflict of interest.

And you couldn't pay me enough to vote for a person who has to resort to using God or Jesus as a stump. That just shows me that first he believes in fairy tales and should be evaluated mentaly, and second that he cannot come up with anything else intelligent or inspiring to say that would make people want to vote for him.

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Posted by Candice Eaton on 04/26/2012 at 1:39 PM

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