Top Ten in Music

The 17th Street Guitar and World Music Store's top sales for the week ending Nov. 16, 2012

1. Y la Orkesta

Mambo Mexicano! (Cosmica)

2. 17th Street Band

Positively 17th Street (17th Street)

3. Holmes-Levinson Group

Holmes-Levinson Group (self-released)

4. Last Call Girls

Never Too Late to Get Lucky (self-released)

5. Heather Hardy

Get Out of the Road (Lil' Mama)

6. Ron Doering

The Balladeer (self-released)

7. Grams and Krieger

No, You! (Firesweep)

8. Stefan George and Lavinia White

Blind Love (self-released)

9. Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta

Live at the Rialto (self-released)

10. Rainer

The Westwood Sessions (OW OM)

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