Top Ten in Music

The 17th Street Guitar and World Music Store's top sales for the week ending July 11, 2012

1. Stefan George and Tom Walbank

My Old Friend the Blues (self-released)

2. Sabra Faulk

Acoustic Angel (self-released)

3. The Carnivaleros

Happy Homestead (RootaVega)

4. Sabra Faulk

28 Churches 5 Bars (self-released)

5. New Riders of the Purple Sage

17 Pine Avenue (Woodstock)

6. Silver Thread Trio

Trigger and Scythe (Prophette)

7. Ron Pandy

Truth and Other Lies (self-released)

8. Rainer

The Best of Rainer: 17 Miracles (Glitterhouse)

9. Kevin Pakulis and Larry Lee Lerma

Kevin Pakulis and Larry Lee Lerma (self-released)

10. Bryan Dean Trio

Sobriety Checkpoint (self-released)

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