Top Ten in Music

Toxic Ranch Records' top sales for the week ending March 18, 2012

1. Besmirchers

If Loving You Is Wrong ... (Puke in the Sink)

2. The Mummies

Play Their Own Records (Estrus)

3. Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog (self-released)

4. Nig-Heist

Nig-Heist (Drag City)

5. The Smiths

The Old Guard BBC Tapes Volume One (Alti Philosophi)

6. The Duane Peters Gunfight

Checkmate (Indian)

7. Andrew Jackson Jihad

Knife Man (Asian Man)

8. Boogie Nazis

Boogie Nazis (self-released)

9. Al Foul

Live at Tucson Roller Derby, Vol. 1 (self-released)

10. Grannies

For Those About to Forget to Rock (Wondertaker)

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