Top Ten in Music

Toxic Ranch Records' top sales for the week ending Dec. 21, 2011

1. Skinnerbox

The Playhouse (Bobok/Toxic Shock)

2. Skinnerbox

The Imaginary Heart Of (Bobok/Toxic Shock)

3. The Resonars

Bright and Dark (Burger)

4. Zounds

The Redemption of Zounds (Overground)

5. Smiths

Barbarism Begins at Home: Incomplete B-sides, Vol. 1 (Torture Tunes)

6. Grannies

For Those About to Forget to Rock (Wondertaker)

7. Void

Sessions 1981-83 (Dischord)

8. Nobunny

First Blood (cassette) (Burger)

9. Dwarves

Born Again (cassette) (Burger)

10. The Nervebreakers

Girls Girls Girls Girls 7" 45 (Get Hip)

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