Top Ten in Music

Toxic Ranch Records' top sales for the week ending Aug. 20, 2011

1. Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout

Guru-Gaga (Bloat)

2. N.O.S.

No One Special (Punk)

3. The Distortionists

The Mark Side of the Dune (Tu-Lo)

4. La Cerca

Rock 'n' Roll to the Rescue (self-released)

5. The Putters

Got Something for Your Daughter 7" (Modern Peasant)

6. A Transylvanian Funeral (DVD)

The Outsider (Forbidden)

7. Citizen Fish

Goods (Alternative Tentacles)

8. Jim Gerardi

Which Hunt (self-released)

9. Fluke No. 9: 20th Anniversary (magazine)


10. The Pork Torta

Casual Living (Bloat)

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