Toxic Ranch Records top sales for the week ending Jan. 1, 2010

1. 2010 Gallery 1331 X Calendar

M. Hyatt and Exene Cervenka (self-published)

2. Cobra Skulls

American Rubicon (Red Scare)

3. The Underground Railroad to Candyland

Bird Roughs (Recess)

4. Andrew Jackson Jihad

Can't Maintain (Asian Man)

5. Loren Dircks

Killing the Magic (Oranguitwang)

6. Various Artists

Electric Holyland (Lysergic)

7. Al Foul

The Only One Man Band From Mammoth, Arizona 7" EP (Les Disques Steak)

8. The Spits

The Spits, Vol. IV (Thriftstore)

9. Fleshies

Brown Flag (Recess)

10. No Age

Losing Feeling (Sub Pop)

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