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Tiquette's Syndrome

Patients suffering from Tiquette's often find themselves unable to resist attending gallery openings, book signings.

The federal government, together with state and local authorities, has enacted drastic measures in recent years to combat Tiquette's, most notably by slashing public funding for arts endowments and public school programs. By forcing the arts into the private sector, the Centers for Disease Control hoped to eradicate the disease within one generation. So far, their attempts have been unsuccessful. In Tucson, enthusiasm for the arts appears, instead, to be on the rise, with many new venues and studios dedicated to working artists and their patrons.

Those with TS frequently hold season tickets for arts events (such as the Arizona Theatre Company and UApresents), and should be treated with extreme hospitality (in the event that they are unable to attend a performance, these tickets may be available for confiscation by family and friends). In its advanced stages, TS patients have been known to stay out all night, speak articulately on a variety of subjects for hours at a time, and generally behave in ways that are spontaneous and unpredictable. (Related conditions: "performance anxiety," i.e., nervousness caused by trying to attend too many performances in one evening.)