Time to Stop and Think

If there is one thing that irritates me, it's people who do not exercise common sense--i.e. blatant stupidity. And during the last couple of weeks, we've reported on some humdingers in terms of stupidity.

First, there is Nonie Reynolds, the TUSD drop-out prevention specialist who just resigned in the wake of the flap caused by her photo spread in porn mag OVER 50. Several callers and letter writers have contacted us, upset about last week's article on the issue, saying that Reynolds had the right to pose nude in the magazine, and that it's not news.

While it IS news--the word of her photo shoot was spreading, and the potential legal battle was simmering, before we reported on it--these callers and writers are correct that Reynolds had the right to pose nude for OVER 50. But was it smart for her to pose in the magazine? No. Should she have known it would raise questions and cause the Tucson Unified School District administrators to act? Yes. If she wanted to keep her job and keep the peace, it was stupid for her to pose in that magazine.

Second, there's Assistant City Attorney Dennis McLaughlin, who's claiming that during the campaign season, incumbent local officials' appearances or interviews in the local media could be construed as campaign contributions.

Three words: freedom of speech.

This is an awful opinion by McLaughlin, one that is ludicrous on its face. It spits in the face of the United States Constitution, and it is probably going to lead to less dialogue and information getting to the voters this year. This opinion needs to be revisited--now.

It's becoming evident that "common sense" isn't so common these days.


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