Time to Speak Out

You probably by now have noticed that we did something a little different with our cover this week. Instead of highlighting this week's big feature, we used the cover as a plea for you to speak out on behalf of our community.

As you've already read in these pages, a Canadian mining company--after buying land from Yoram Levy, legendary land speculator and Don Diamond's son-in-law--wants to mine in the Santa Rita Mountains. It seems copper is now worth digging up again, as prices have shot up. Unfortunately, as Tim Vanderpool noted in last week's issue, all sorts of research indicates that a big ol' mine in the Rosemont Valley would obliterate the watershed and ecosystem.

Knowing this, Augusta Resource Corp. has paid big bucks to hire PR firms to spin their side of the story. It's all about greed, really: They care more about money than Rosemont Valley, and in turn, Southern Arizona.

However, the Pima County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to examine the issue next Tuesday, Jan. 16. (It's possible the item could be delayed, but as of our deadline, it's still on the agenda.) So far, only Republican Ray Carroll has spoken out against the proposed mine. Please, for the good of the community: Show up at that meeting and speak out against this pillaging of our environment. If you can't go to the meeting, call your supervisor and give them your two cents (and if you don't know who your supe is, check out the district map online):

· Ann Day, District 1: 740-2738

· Ramón Valadez, District 2: 740-8126

· Sharon Bronson, District 3: 740-8051

· Ray Carroll, District 4: 740-8094

· Richard Elías, District 5: 740-8126

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