Thoughts of Nipples and Queer Conservatives

Random thoughts percolating on the mind ...

· Considering how many virulently anti-gay politicians end up actually being big ol' homosexuals (the latest example being Spokane, Wash. Mayor Jim West), odds are that some of the cretins behind the "Center for Arizona Policy" and its heinous anti-gay ballot proposal are queerer than a $3 bill. Shall we start irresponsibly speculating?

· Why in the hell is there a giant New York skyline in the lobby area of the L.A. Fitness near Park Place Mall?

· I must have had too much coffee today, because every time I see Page 46 in the print edition, the phrase "Vader Nipple!" pops into my head, causing me to snicker.

· If you haven't voted yet for the TAMMIES, well, it's too late. However, there's still time to vote for the Best of Tucson®. That ballot can be found in the print edition or online.

· Arrested Development and The Office both got renewed. Yay!

· Be sure to check out Tim Vanderpool's piece, about a proposed plasma waste incinerator down near Sierra Vista. It's part one of a two-part series on the plans for this project, which is suspect, to say the least. Check out next week's paper for the follow-up.


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