This Week in Crazy

Welcome to another mind-blowing edition of This Week in Crazy!

• Last week, a woman called and left me a message—sadly, without a name or a phone number to use to call her back—and ranted that we shouldn't be complaining that state Sen. Al Melvin called us a leftist newspaper. (See "Al Melvin Doesn't Want You to Read This," The Skinny, Nov. 25.)

If I would have had the joy of talking to this caller, I would have informed her that we weren't complaining that Melvin called us a leftist newspaper; we were noting that he had a snit at a restaurant because the place dared to carry the Tucson Weekly. That's all. Trust us; we've been called worse than "leftist newspaper."

Then she went into Crazytown, ranting about canceling her advertising with the Weekly because we're so damn liberal ... and then claiming that we know Jesse Kelly really beat Gabrielle Giffords, and that (County Recorder F.) Ann Rodriguez's office just flipped the results.

OK then!

• Last week on The Range, our daily dispatch (, Jim Nintzel chronicled the adventures of one Sharon Lin, who keeps commenting on—usually in response to coverage of something that a Democrat or a liberal has done (i.e., the conspiracy to rig the election for the re-election of Gabrielle Giffords and Raúl Grijalva)—that she has decided to not retire in Tucson as a result of such leftist crap.

Look for Nintzel's story in our archives from Nov. 22.

It's ... crazy!

Next time on This Week in Crazy: The chemtrails conspiracy!

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