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Bloom dispensary offers smokin’ deals for first-time customers and quality bud

The Bloom medical marijuana dispensary, which has outlets across the state, has a local operation on Oracle Road across from the Tucson Mall. It's easy to find and offers plenty of parking.

Upon entering Bloom, I was immediately impressed. The waiting area was very open, clean and comfortable. There was a large TV in the lobby where, at the time, South Park was playing. Maybe it is my love of South Park that helped to create this feeling, but I believe that it just added to the comfortable vibe.

The counter was the most inviting of any dispensary that I have visited. They have a large counter area that is open and not separated by glass like most I have been to.

After being entered as a patient, I was asked by the staff if I wanted them to fill my order through their quick service window located at the counter. Patients can tell the staff what medicine they want upon check-in. The patient has never had to leave the lobby and can continue to watch TV while their order is filled. I was told that it is usually less than a five-minute wait. Being my first visit and not knowing what I wanted, I chose to wait. While waiting I witnessed a patient that used the quick service window. They were definitely done in less than five minutes. It appeared to be a very convenient and efficient option for patients that know exactly what medicine they need.

The menu was displayed in various areas around the waiting room.

After a short wait, I was called back. The Budtender, who called himself "Mr. T," was friendly and helpful. I asked many questions and he was happy to answer them all.

The flower display at Bloom was very organized and easy to view. They have sample jars of each strain at each patient station. The Indica and Sativa strains were separated with hybrids in the middle. Each jar was easily accessible to the patient and has a card on the display showing its test results. I was assured that results are updated for each batch.

There was a very nice selection of flower at Bloom. I was impressed by the many quality Sativa choices.

While in the waiting room, I noticed that the flower was $10 a gram. This is their everyday price on all strains, plus tax. With a first-time customer discount that gave me half-off the purchase of an eighth of an ounce, I was able to try multiple strains for a very reasonable price.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Bloom sells their flower prepackaged. I do not find it to be the common choice among dispensaries, but I personally feel the prepacking makes the medicine fresher and not as dry.

The staff assured that their concentrates are made from nugs and not trim. One brand of cartridge they carry advertised the highest testing extract. I did not try any concentrates. The price of the concentrates was on par with other dispensaries, but many dispensaries have a discount day when the prices are greatly reduced. Bloom does not, therefore they seemed too high-priced for me. Plus, I was there to try their very competitively priced flower.

Bloom offers discounts to veterans and has special day for seniors to get a discount on their medicine.

With their low price, good quality and nice selection, I will gladly go back to Bloom for the fresh and potent flower.

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