The Value of People

Man, am I exhausted.

The last few weeks here at Weekly World Central have been downright crazy. We just changed the way we paginate and edit the paper (for you media- and techno-nerds, we moved most of the paper from Quark Xpress to Adobe InCopy and InDesign). This will undeniably be a kick-ass thing in the long run, although it has made the last two weeks, well, interesting. And you know that old saying about living in interesting times being a curse.

Meanwhile, things have been busy. We may have our biggest back-of-the-book this week ever, with extra arts, cinema and music coverage. Despite this, there's so much going on in town that I feel like we've barely scraped the surface. This is also the debut week of Indie Watch, contributor Carl Hanni's new monthly column focusing on all things independent film around these parts.

To top it off, we're down an employee right now.

All of this has really led me to appreciate the value of the people who help put out the paper each and every week, from the people who type in the listings to the people who sell the ads to the people who deliver the paper to more than 1,000 locations every week. A lot of energy goes into getting you this rag (as some of you call it--some lovingly, some derisively), and to everyone who puts a bit of their energy into this endeavor, I say: thank you.

To those of you who make what we do worthwhile by picking us up each week, I also say: Thank you. And enjoy!

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