The Universe Smiles Upon Us

It's a sad but true fact that the Tucson Weekly had not possessed a copy of our first issue for a long time. I learned this fact five years ago, as we prepared for our 20th anniversary issue. We went to look through our archives--and found that the earliest issue we had was No. 4.

Matt Perri was kind enough to lend us his copy of issue No. 1 five years ago, and former Weekly owner Doug Biggers recently went through the trouble of digging out his copy for us to use as we prepare for our 25th anniversary, which we will be commemorating in three short weeks.

Then all of a sudden came the phone call from Todd Headstream.

I was sitting at my desk a couple of weeks ago, feverishly trying to finish everything on my to-do list before heading off on vacation, when Todd called. Apparently, Todd used to work for the company that printed the Weekly a quarter-century ago, and he just happened to come across several copies of issue No. 1 while he was cleaning out (I believe) his garage. He wanted to know if we wanted them.

The answer, of course, was hell yes.

Todd dropped them off the next day, along with a few other older copies of the Weekly and some other publications from the era (including Newsreal Magazine and the Tucson Examiner). We now have our own issue No. 1.

Thanks to Todd--and to the universe for sending Todd our way. I can only interpret this as a fantastic omen as the Weekly concludes its first quarter-century and heads into its second.

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