The Theme of the Week

Things for which we should all be thankful:

• Tim Vanderpool's impressive reporting. Be sure to check out his story on the Pima Animal Care Center on Page 18. It's a heartbreaking piece examining the successes and failures of PACC—and our society as well. The bottom line: We're letting many, many thousands of animals per year get killed that don't need to be killed.

One thing for which I am decidedly not thankful: The attitude of Pima County Health Department director Sherry Daniels. After Tim asked to view euthanizations at PACC, and she said no, he asked a reasonable question: Why was his request denied?

Her response (through a spokesperson): "Because I said so." Such an arrogant response from a public servant is appalling.

• Jim Nintzel's political analysis. On Page 11, he breaks down the voting in the recent city election by ward, precinct and polling place. His conclusion? Tucson's a divided city. Those divisions are only going to become more apparent if/when Tucson moves to a system in which the City Council is elected by ward, and not citywide. (This isn't necessarily a bad thing ... but it's worth noting.)

• Our wonderful arts and music writers. Even during one of the deadest weeks of the year, events-wise, our culture crew found plenty of things to spotlight.

• Informed, active media consumers. By that, I mean you readers of the Tucson Weekly who take the time to give us constructive feedback and participate in conversations, whether that's by phone or e-mail, through one of our social-networking presences, or at Sincerely: Thank you.

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