The Static Session: Lovelife (Self-Released)

The Static Session is the latest band from the O'Gorman brothers—bassist Scott (whose nom de rock is The Senator) and singer-guitarist Christopher. The two are Tucson music stalwarts: In the late '90s they were tucking Christian messages into the arena-sized, British-inspired rock of White Chrome Splendor, but by the time The Year of Acceleration started playing gigs, they seemed a bit more about sin than salvation.

The one thing all of the O'Gorman's bands have in common is scope. They've always believed in what they were doing, and that goes a long way.

That passion is carried forth through The Static Session. They've never given up their predilection toward all things Anglo, and Lovelife certainly continues in that vein. Its sound is immediately recognizable, and that's a good thing because the songs are not. It's like discovering some unheard-of Brit-pop band inspired by Echo and the Bunnymen and New Order, Oasis and the Jesus and Mary Chain. There's still some Boy-era U2 in "Riot"; though the verse lyrics of "The Girl Who Talks With Her Eyes" might be a bit simplistic ("She wants to go for a swim / Kiss me again / And I'll let you in") just try resisting the revelatory chorus. And "Baby Knows What I'm On" is high-caliber joyous sleaze.

The Senator is moving to California for a job soon, and it's a damn shame. This is easily the best O'Gorman band yet.

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