The Skinny: Choice Matters: The GOP candidates running for Senate next year want to end abortion in the United States

With a Supreme Court that’s looking for an avenue to overturn Roe v. Wade (or at least whittle away at it until it’s irrelevant), abortion rights have never been more threatened in the United States. Texas has already found a work-around that has shut down access to most abortion services (at least for now) and other GOP-led states are eager to follow suit.

Republican leaders in Arizona make no bones about wanting to see the end of Roe v. Wade. Gov. Doug Ducey has come right out and said he wants to see the landmark 1973 ruling gone.

It appears that none of the major Republican candidates seeking to oust Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly support abortion rights. 

Tech edgelord Blake Masters, who is making his political debut backed by bazillionaire Peter Theil, told the Relatable podcast last week that he’s “unapologetically pro-life” and believes Roe v. Wade was a “horrible decision.” He said he believed Congress should pass a “personhood law.” 

“Absolutely no abortions,” said Masters, who then qualified that a compromise might allow states to allow “some amount” of abortions.

He added that abortion rights supporters see abortion as a “religious sacrifice.”

“I think it’s demonic,” Masters said. “And I think we have to put a stop to it.”

Masters campaign manager Amalia C. Halikias did not reply by deadline regarding whether Masters supports an exception to his proposed abortion ban when the pregnancy results from rape or incest.

Masters’ position suggesting that pro-choice Americans were in the thrall of Satan may be the most radical of the 2022 GOP Senate candidates, but Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has called for overturning Roe v. Wade as well. (It’s a shame Brnovich’s pro-life stance doesn’t extend to the living, but given his recent anti-vaccine pandering, it’s pretty clear that he’s cool with more than 200 Arizonans dying every week from COVID.

Mick McGuire, the retired Air Force major general and adjunct general of the Arizona National Guard, said during a radio interview that he believes “life begins at conception and it’s a states' right issue.” He fully supports the Texas law that allows any citizen in the United States to seek $10,000 bounties not only from abortion providers, but also from women who seek abortions and even Uber drivers who take them to the clinic.

Jim Lamon, the power-plant and solar energy developer who is making his first foray into politics, says on his website that he will support “every person’s—born or unborn—unalienable right to life.” 

Kelly, who supports abortion rights, will likely face one of these four candidates. (There are other Republicans in the race but they don’t have much of a chance of prevailing in the GOP primary.) And given that Arizona still leans Republican and the party in the White House frequently loses seats in the midterms, he’s got a tough race ahead of him.

But one thing is clear: The pro-choice Republican has definitely been terminated in today’s GOP.