The Return of BOT

The voting for Best of Tucson® 25 is officially underway!

If you're reading this in the dead-tree version, you can check out the rules and regulations, as well as the complete list of categories, on Page 46. If you're reading this online, hop over to the homepage, where you can find all of the pertinent information, along with this year's official ballot.

Best of Tucson® devotees will notice we've made some changes this year. We've reconfigured the sections—going from eight to 10—and added a Best Wings category. You can also get a sense of our downright-heroic theme this year: Super Tucson!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or reports of possible ballot-box stuffing, drop me a line at the address below. Thanks in advance for voting; it's greatly appreciated.

Now's a good time to explain that the Tucson Weekly owns the exclusive rights to the phrase Best of Tucson®: It's a registered trademark, like any brand name.

On occasion, someone—usually an out-of-town interloper—will come along and attempt to use the phrase for commercial purposes; such was the case a month or two ago, when a Scottsdale-based magazine launched an online poll using the phrase. When this happens, we always nicely ask the trademark-violator to stop. If the violator refuses, then we need to get lawyers involved.

Why the lawyerly harshness? Well, if we don't defend our trademark, we run the risk of effectively losing it. And the Best of Tucson® is important to us. After all, we're now approaching 25 years' worth of effort.

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