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Death on Campus

UA freshman Mia Henderson, who arrived in Tucson earlier this summer from the Navajo Nation to pursue her studies, was stabbed to death in her sleep at Greenlee Residence Hall last Wednesday, Sept. 5.

Police arrested Henderson's roommate, freshman Galareka Harrison, on charges of first-degree murder. The roommates had been feuding since Henderson had told campus police that Harrison had stolen money and identification from her, according to various news accounts.

War Stories

Gen. David Petraeus delivered his long-awaited report on Iraq this week, telling members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the security situation in Iraq was getting better as a result of this year's troop surge.

But he added that if conditions did not continue to improve by March of next year, he would be "hard-pressed" to continue the surge.

Meanwhile, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, said that the current Iraqi government is dysfunctional, but he believes that the Iraqi are on the way to repairing that problem.

U.S. Sen. John McCain told his fellow lawmakers that he had "been made sick at heart by the terrible price we have paid for nearly four years of mismanaged war."

McCain said that Petraeus' strategy was yielding results in Iraq.

"We are getting it right because we finally have in place a strategy that can succeed, a counterinsurgency strategy, which some of us have argued we should have been following from the beginning, and which makes the most effective use of our strength and does not strengthen the tactics of the enemy."

In a press release, U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl said "progress is being made as a result of this troop surge. Gen. Petraeus said that because of this progress, we could draw down some of our forces in the areas of Iraq that have yielded successes. Obviously, that's good news, since we don't want our troops there any longer than is necessary."


Beware, citizens: The first human case of West Nile virus has emerged late in the season, with a northwest Pima County resident testing positive for the mosquito-borne illness.

County health officials report that two mosquitoes captured in traps have also tested positive for the disease, which causes fevers, body aches and other flu-like symptoms in a small percentage of infected victims.

You can do your part in the fight against West Nile virus and the general scourge of mosquitoes by eliminating standing water in your yard, changing the water in bird baths and dog dishes daily, and making sure screens on your windows and doors are in good repair. Also, wear mosquito repellant, and garb yourself from head to toe whenever you venture outside.

If you need to report a neighbor who is breeding mosquitoes, call 243-7999.

Electric Atmosphere

After losing the season opener to Brigham Young University, the UA football team roared back last weekend, clobbering the Northern Arizona University Lumberjacks by a final score of 45-24. The Cats rushed for 195 yards and passed for 295 yards for a dazzling offensive display that included a 24-point third quarter.

In other football news: A UA student was Tasered by police after being denied entrance to the sold-out Zona Zoo section, which accommodates the first 10,000 fans. Hundreds of students were unable to get seats in the section, but Sgt. Eugene Mejia of the UAPD told the Arizona Daily Star that most of them were not a problem: "The only thing that was out of control were a few unruly people. There was one person that was combative."

At least until the second taste of a Taser.

The incident prompted the Athletic Department to offer refunds to anyone who didn't understand that a Zona Zoo pass does not guarantee admission. Apply for your refund by Sept. 21 at

This week's game pits the UA against the New Mexico Lobos at 7 p.m. at Arizona Stadium.

Primary Results

Tucsonans went to the polls for a primary election this week, resoundingly nominating Mayor Bob Walkup as the Republican candidate in November. (Walkup faced no opposition.) Democrats nominated nobody to run against him.

Because The Range is off to press before other results are final, check for other results. (We're going out on a limb to predict victories by Democrats Regina Romero in Ward 1 and Rodney Glassman in Ward 2.)

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