The Polls Will Soon Be Closing

Hey, kids! This week marks your last chance to vote in this year's Best of TucsonTM. If you haven't voted yet, get thee to Pages 24 and 25 of the print edition, or to the online ballot. All ballots must be in our possession by the end of business on Wednesday, June 4, for us to count them.

Also, if you have not voted yet, please, I beg ya: Pay attention to the rules. The number of online ballots we've thrown out because they violated our rules--20 categories were not filled out, or the voter didn't list an e-mail address or phone number, etc.--crossed into triple-digits this week. That's a bummer, but rules are rules, and we have those rules in place to keep the Best of TucsonTM from turning into an orgy of unhindered ballot-box stuffing.

Oh, and speaking of ballot-box stuffing ... it's sadly alive and well. A handful of businesses have already been thrown out for stuffing, and about a dozen are on our watch list due to oddities we've noticed. (The first round of Tucson Area Music Awards voting just concluded, and four bands/musicians were tossed there, with more ejections presumably to come as we count all the ballots.) We really do examine each and every ballot we get, so we catch most stuffing attempts. Just don't do it.

Anyway, I sincerely appreciate the vast majority of voters in the Best of TucsonTM and the TAMMIES who followed the rules and turned in, or will turn in, their ballots. I have said before: Without you, we'd have no BOT or TAMMIES. So, one more time: Thank you.

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