The Nice List

One of my colleagues recently informed me that our Local Heroes issue--that would be the one you're reading right now--was one of his least-favorite Tucson Weekly editions of the year. He prefers it when we're snarky and critical, as we were last week with Get Out of Town! The Local Heroes issue, he claimed, was just too nice and fluffy.

The lyrics to "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" came to mind.

Heh. I kid, I kid. I understand his point--but I disagree. Our Local Heroes issue is actually one of my favorite issues (of course, so is Get Out of Town!). I like Local Heroes because it gives recognition to some people who truly, honestly deserve it. It's perfect for this (supposed-to-be-even-though-it's-often-not) joyous time of year.

Speaking of issues perfect for this time of year: Be sure to pick up next week's edition. It will include our annual New Year's Guide, which will be packed with information you'll find useful while planning your calendar-changing revelry.

Oh, one more thing: If you're like my grinchy colleague, never fear, because we'll be back to our snarky, critical selves with next week's Year in Review, which will be in our Dec. 27 issue along with the New Year's Guide.

In the meantime, have a fantastic Christmas. And thanks for reading, as always.

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