The Listings Life

When people think of newspapers, their first thoughts usually involve bustling newsrooms, investigative reports, various reviews or provocative columns.

Yet you'd be surprised the amount of time spent on matters involving listings here at Weekly World Central. But I am OK with us spending a lot of effort on listings; after all, they're the backbone of a paper that, like the Weekly, covers a lot of events and entertainment.

Keeping with the spirit of last week's FAQs, here are some answers and tips.

· It's easy to submit listings to us. You can e-mail press releases to; you can fill our online form under the City Week section of; you can even fax them (792-2096) or snail-mail them in.

· The deadline for submissions is at noon on the Monday a week and a half before our Thursday publication date.

· Listings are free, but not guaranteed. They have no link with Weekly advertising, and we never promise that a listing will make it in.

· Listings are not meant to be free advertisements. We publish listings of events that we feel members of the public would want to know about; we publish some listings (i.e., for support groups or nonprofits) as a public service; we let the public know about free events; we publish music and club events to help promote the music community; we publish Chow Scan listings (which include ONLY restaurants that have been reviewed positively by a Weekly reviewer) as a public service.

If you have any questions about all this, feel free to ask me at the e-mail link above, or Irene Messina at

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