The Internet, Now on Paper!

As some of you have noticed, there is more to the Tucson Weekly than just the dead-tree version that you hold in your hands (or that you read using the hand-less method of laying it on a table).

Our online presence extends from our Web site to a Flickr page (which displays photo galleries you won't see in print) to our blog (aka The Range) to our Twitter feed, which keeps you up to speed on the goings-on here at Weekly World Central. You can also connect with other people like yourself by becoming one of our Facebook fans.

Because of all this extracurricular content, we've decided to collect the best of it into a new column we're calling the Weekly Wide Web. Each week, you'll see our top multimedia content here, in glorious black and white.

Just be warned: When you click on the links here on paper, all you'll get is an ink smudge on your finger. Fortunately, you can find real links to all of the Weekly Web features in the digital version of this story at

First up this week is a video from Weekly staff writer Mari Herreras, who attended IGNITE Tucson V last weekend at the Screening Room. Each month, 15 lucky members of the general public are invited to give a PowerPoint presentation on any topic they choose. (Trust us: These are way more exciting than Microsoft Excel presentations.) The talks ranged from persecution in China to historic preservation to a plan to eliminate war completely. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

Also online this week: extra-special election coverage. We gave our reporters cameras and sent them out to all the big campaign parties to get reactions from the winners and—more importantly—the biggest losers.

The Weekly Wide Web isn't just a collection of stuff online; it's a collection of our stuff online, which means it's 95 percent better than the content from those other news outlets. Well, except for the ones that have cat videos.

Note for next week: Find cats to videotape.


Ever wish you could read a CD or movie review and have a better idea of what the author is talking about? Well, wish no more. Our Cinema reviews now include embedded trailers, allowing you to preview the films James DiGiovanna loathes so much. In our Rhythm & Views section, you can now listen to the albums that we've reviewed (mostly in their entirety) with the embedded player, which includes links to buy the songs.


"Tom, I laughed until I cried at your hilarious and heroic effort at the 19th Annual Bisbee 1000 the Great Stairclimb. It is my understanding you intend to lose some weight, climb some parking lot stairs in Tucson, or the air-conditioned Federal Building, and be with us in competitive form next year. Know that you are a potential poster boy because though Runner's World may send us elite runners, as the founder I am much more interested in people like you and me who walk for the breathing and challenge. Thank you for your fun description of the most unique physical fitness fundraiser challenge in the USA."

—Bisbee1000/20, on Tom Danehy's Oct. 29 column, "Tom Is a Contender at the Bisbee 1000 Steps—a Contender for Last Place"


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