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The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus is back in Tucson with a new show, Fully Charged.

Starting next Thursday, June 30, and continuing through Sunday, July 3, a new and unique set of talent is set to dazzle Tucsonans. The Fully Charged show will show off animal power, super-human strength and amazing athletic ability, with seven new attractions ranging from galloping horses to men lifting telephone poles.

Fully Charged started in Tampa, Fla., and will travel for more than two years, covering more than 30,000 miles and 80 cities along the way. Traveling by circus train, the show features a new ringmaster: Brian Crawford Scott is the Ringling Bros.' 36th ringmaster in the 141 years that the circus has been in business.

"I love getting to travel from city to city," Scott said.

The unique performers include Tabayara "Taba" Maluenda, an animal trainer who shows no fear in the lion's den—literally. He has pure enthusiasm when it comes to riding high-spirited stallions and choreographing Asian elephants.

"It's really amazing and a lot of fun," Scott said.

There will also be the Brothers of Brawn, who have the same width and height. While these men spin telephone poles over their heads, acrobats will balance atop the poles. These men will be lifting up to a half-ton in total weight.

Still haven't satisfied your daring side yet? Check out the Fernandez Brothers, who will execute jumps and twists inside "Twin Turbines of Steel" while the wheels are moving. Watch the brothers jump from three stories high while flipping through the air.

Get ready to see high-wire stunts performed by the Danguir Troupe. They will be performing their feats three stories high. Another performer, the Human Fuse, will be launched through the air at 65 mph from his personal crossbow. As if that isn't enough, he will also be on fire.

"He is amazing; it's really a lot of fun," Scott said.

Finally, goofy clowns will keep the audience entertained throughout the show. The two clowns, Stas and Vas, will show their comedy in the ring, alongside clowns from the Ringling Bros. Clown Alley.

"These are very funny clowns," Scott said.

There will also be events before the show to keep people entertained. Ninety minutes before each performance, attendees can get close to the circus animals. Next, an hour before the show's start, guests will have a chance to step into the ring: On the arena floor, families will be able to meet performers, learn circus tricks and even try on costumes. Finally, attendees can watch an exceptional elephant that paints. This "Power Up Pre-Show Party" is free for every ticket holder.

"I can guarantee this is the only place you'll see this kind of thing," Scott said.

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