The Fall Approacheth

Well, we've survived another Tucson summer.

I know this, because it's Labor Day weekend; Hotel Congress is having its now-annual big music party (you can find details in TQ&A, City Week and throughout chunks of the music section); the 15 mph school zones are back; the students have returned to the UA, as last week's cover package illustrated so very well; and I am spending entire goddamn weekends working on the Best of TucsonTM. That'll hit the streets on Sept. 27, by the way.

This all means that the fall is almost here, bringing with it approximately a zillion events (give or take two or three), not the least of which is Fall Club CrawlTM on Saturday, Oct. 6.

It also means that our Weekly softball team--which was 1-7 during the season that ended earlier this month (a record that doesn't reflect our true talent)--is starting a new league season. We're aiming for 2-6 this time around. (Horrendously bored? Check out the MySpace page for more on our team. )

The fall's approach is also a sign that our launch of as a local-music blog is getting closer. Look for that around the end of the year, as well as the redesign of If you have any thoughts about any of our online efforts, please let me know 'em.

Meanwhile, to the approximately 7,266 of you who applied for our open staff-writer position: We'll be contacting candidates starting next week. Thanks for your interest.

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