The Failing System

There's a lot wrong with government these days. After reading this week's Weekly, it's impossible not to come to that conclusion.

First, there's the news in The Skinny that Citizens for a Sensible Transportation Solution, at least so far, don't have enough signatures to get their initiative (which would raise the sales tax, among other things, to institute a light-rail system) on the ballot. Well, check that--they may have gotten enough, but due to technicalities and strict rules, a number of signatures were disqualified. The end result of these rules is that only highly funded initiative efforts by pros have a good chance these days.

Then, there's the news that tattoo shops in Pima County are unregulated--leaving the public potentially at risk.

Elsewhere, you can read how many citizens can't afford to swim anymore because of skyrocketing fees at municipal pools. Meanwhile, the city's considering a huge tax break for Tucson Electric Power.

Finally, there's Jim Nintzel's cover story, about Stephen Bertrand--a kid who's stuck in jail, in part because certain parts of the state system are underfunded, overcrowded and poorly run.

And that's just a start. The other news stories also feature situations in which governmental bodies may have acted inappropriately.

This is disturbing news. It's up to you, the public, to decide what to do about it.

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