The Blog's Birthday

At this time one year ago, we here at Weekly World Central were getting ready to launch the newspaper's blog. After testing it for several weeks, it "officially" went live in early June 2006.

As the blog's first birthday approaches, I am happy to report that it's going rather well.

Last month, enjoyed about 25,000 unique visitors and more than 70,000 page views. It's currently one of the most-read blogs in the state, from what we can determine.

And what, exactly, are people reading on this blog? In April, our staffers used the blog to publicly bicker about the Arizona quarter design poll; Jim Nintzel posted numerous breaking political scoops; Irene Messina alerted blog readers to information about compelling events that we received too late to get into the print issue; Sept. 11 conspiracy theorists tried to convert readers while responding to Tom Danehy; Saxon Burns chronicled a trip to Los Angeles, while I talked about my trip to China; and, of course, we covered the insanity that was the opening of In-N-Out Burger.

That's just a small sampling of the dozens of posts on in April (and the almost 600 total posts to date). Weekly staffers and contributors are adding multiple posts to the blog pretty much every day.

To those of you who have read the blog: Thank you! (Especially if you've left a comment!) And to those of you who haven't perused the blog ... you're missing out.

Check it out at And, please, add your two cents to our comments sections. It's a conversation!

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