The Bigotry Parade

Last week, the Arizona Daily Star did an interesting story about The Cool Church, aka the Tucson Community Church. With some help from LGBT community center Wingspan, the story pointed out how when it comes to gays and lesbians, the folks at The Cool Church aren't very tolerant.

Staff writer Saxon Burns decided to check out what kind of response, if any, the TCC folks would have to the Star story and the resulting hubbub. What he found was an unrepentant Christian church, hiding behind vague Bible verses and refuted pseudoscience to spread a message that basically equated all homosexuals to mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Seriously. Read Saxon's account in this issue.

This story, combined with other happenings--not the least of which is the racist anti-Mexican rhetoric that's come out of the mouths of some during the immigration debate--serves as a reminder that bigotry and hate are still alive, well and disturbingly tolerated, even here in liberal, loving Tucson.

The fact that bigotry lives on, while somewhat depressing, doesn't bother me much; throughout history, hate has sadly been part of the human condition. What does bother me--greatly--is that so much bigotry is tolerated. In 2007, our society still treats many gay bashers who hide behind the cloak of faith as people to be revered. (Witness the mainstream media's response to the death of Jerry Falwell.)

Why do we collectively do this? When will that glorious day come when hateful people like TCC pastor David McAllister are relegated to the margins of society, to sit along with groups like the KKK?

I hope that day comes soon. But I am not holding my breath.

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