The Besmirchers: Besmirch and Destroy (Steel Cage)

Like your punk fast, rude and very, very dirty? Behold Tucson's The Besmirchers.

Fronted by wild-man Lenny Mental—a familiar sight to anyone who's spent any time downtown in the last few years—The Besmirchers are real players. Guitar player Damnation, bass player Downtown Dave and drummer PBR Destroyer are as tight as a fist.

The Besmirchers' flavor of punk rock is aggro, confrontational, filthy and fun in the grand, martini-sipping, smoking-jacket-and-cigarette-holder tradition of GG Allin, Dwarves and The Mentors. Song titles? They start off with "Pussy and Smack," work their way through "One More Slut" and end with "March of the Besmirchers," stopping along the way for a take on "I Touch Myself," plus six other originals. Juicy samples from trashy movies kick off several tracks—these Besmirchers have a great sense of the absurd.

Lenny, of course, is one of the greatest lunatics ever to bash himself bloody with a mic and carve himself up with a broken bottle on stage. I'm sure they were heartbroken that they didn't get invited to play the Obama inauguration, but they are a lock to play with (and probably blow away) every touring punk band to play Tucson for the next few years. Enter at your own risk.

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