Thanks, Blogs and Pipes

Some things worth noting this week ...

· To all of you who took last week's cover to heart and contacted one or more Pima County supervisors ... thank you. While I honestly can't say whether the calls, e-mails and in-person visits made a difference in how the vote turned out, I know for sure the overwhelming response was noticed. For the good news, check out The Skinny, and check out Tim Vanderpool's full report in next week's issue.

· Sometime early Tuesday morning, our blog ... well, imploded. It has something to do with domain names getting remapped, which screwed up our servers' content management systems, meaning that as a result, we had to reinstall the blog software and reload everything. Or something like that. Heck if I know.

As I am typing this on Tuesday afternoon, our corporate Web guru, Sean Fitzpatrick, is working on bringing the blog back to life. I hope to god it's fixed by the time you read this. And to all of you blog readers/participants out there who were inconvenienced, please accept our apologies. We don't know what happened. We're blaming the freezing temperatures.

· Speaking of freezing temps ... you know it's cold when you turn on the faucet to a trickle, and your pipes still freeze. I wish I could time-travel back to when my house was built, so I could have a serious discussion with the builders and convince them to put our outside plumbing more than an inch and a half below the ground.

All I'll say is this: Monday morning + no shower = extremely cranky editor.

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