Teabilly Time-Wasting

The Arizona Legislature attacks the will of the voters

Don't get me started.

Last week, an Arizona legislator who shall remain nameless filed a resolution in the House of Representatives that would bring the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act back to voters for a 2014 do-over. Because it is a concurrent resolution, all it needs is a vote of both houses in the Legislature. Gov. Jan can then just sit back and smile, while her minions jump in the corral to hog-tie constituents. I won't name the Teabilly boy who introduced the resolution for the same reason people ask The Media not to name killers. It's not about him, it's about his victims.

But I don't think Mr. Legislator, Gov. Jan and Generalissimo Tom Horne will be smiling for long, because I don't think this vote of the citizenry will go their way, should it happen. I think more people would support medical cannabis here than last time, maybe not a lot more, but more. Welcome to the slippery slope, Legislator. The resolution was sparked by news that 11 percent of kids in a state survey said they got cannabis from medical card holders. I saw that Criminal Justice Commission report, but I didn't freak out. I thought about it for a while.

Among my first thoughts was, "Well, that's 11 percent who didn't get it from people who sever heads." Traditionally in this nation, illegal drugs have been controlled by foreign criminal syndicates. No one in government has ever been able to stop them, and shutting down the medical cannabis system would only give aid and comfort to the enemy. Simply because 11 percent of kids said they got cannabis from cardholders does not mean the medical system is making access easier. The vast majority of cardholders are keeping their cannabis from kids. Punish the people who give it to them, not me.

Then I started thinking about the Teabillies who run this state. It's interesting to me that the self-proclaimed conservatives here are against cannabis. Have they looked at the cost of fighting it? Who do you think is paying for all those drug dogs and guns and body armor that are doing exactly nothing about drugs but are doing a fantastic job of taking away rights? The gub'mint is doing all that, Republicans. Last time I checked, trimming waste from gub'mint has been a rallying cry of conservatives for decades. But the folks controlling the Arizona Legislature are neoconservatives. They wouldn't know a conservative if he walked up and handed them a voter-approved right. They don't want the government out of your business. They want the government to enforce their will, even if it takes a little paramilitary muscle-flexing to do it.

And here's some food for thought on substances, Mr. Republican Legislator, from someone who dabbled for more than six years in the treatment of people who use and are addicted to them. Your children are going to use substances. Period. You can't stop them. I can't stop them. House Concurrent Resolution 2003 can't stop them. Closing the door on science and medicine can't stop them. So maybe we should manage the problem instead of squeezing our eyes closed real, real hard and thinking about unicorns and rainbows, hoping to wish it away. Alcohol is a far, far more nefarious enemy. Your logic should set your focus on Circle K, where kids give beer money to strangers who buy them 12-packs of drugs. If you don't believe that's happening, you were an amateur as a teen. Just sayin'.

So there's a short Mr. Smith rant for you, Mr. Republican Neoconservative Teabilly man. Part of me hopes the resolution passes and you get your vote, because it might be fun to watch the populace once again show that your 19th-century thinking won't fly in the 21st century. Acceptance of cannabis is charging though our culture like a freight train, Mr. Legislator, and I think it's best if you just step off the tracks and let the train go on past.

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