TAMMIES 2004 Readers' Choice Winners


  • Tucson Music Hall of Fame: Brian Bromberg
  • Band of the Year: Misbehavin'
  • Up-and-Coming Artist(s) of the Year: Johnny Guitar and the Thou$andaire$
  • Best New Release: 'Til the Wee Hours, Round the House


  • A capella/Vocal Ensemble: Catacoustic Groove
  • Blues: Bad News Blues Band
  • Runners up: Tom Walbank, Little Kings
  • Bluegrass: (TIE) Crystal Ridge, Greg Morton Trio
  • Country/Western: Al Perry
  • Runners up: Last Call Girls, Vince Moreno and Sundown, Loveland
  • Cover Band: Wayback Machine
  • Runner up: Zsa Zsas
  • Electronic: Electroshockbox
  • Folk: Determined Luddites
  • Funk/Hip-Hop/Soul: Funky Bonz
  • Runners up: Mankind, Chango Malo
  • Jazz, Contemporary/Traditional: Misbehavin'
  • Jazz, Latin/Salsa: Latino Solido
  • Runners up: Descarga, Sonido Tropical
  • Mariachi: Sonido de Mexico
  • Runner up: Mariachi Luz de Luna
  • Punk: Scratchingthesurface
  • Runner up: Knockout Pills
  • Reggae/Ska: Neon Prophet
  • Runners up: Troy's Bucket, Warsaw
  • Rock, Indie: (TIE) Bombs for the Bored, Sunday Afternoon
  • Rock, Mainstream: (TIE) Camp Courageous, Sunday Afternoon
  • Runners up: Greyhound Soul, Shellshock
  • Roots Rock/Rockabilly: The Last Call Brawlers
  • Runner up: Al Foul and the Shakes
  • Swing/Lounge: Misbehavin'
  • Runners up: Fashionistas, Hipster Daddy-O
  • Traditional/Ethnic: Round the House
  • Runner up: Molehill Orkestrah


  • Female Vocalist: Julie McCrea (Misbehavin')
  • Runners up: Claire Zucker (Round the House), Annie Hawkins, Anna Warr
  • Male Vocalist: Mike Blommer (Bad News Blues Band)
  • Runner up: Vikas Pawa (Nowhere Man)
  • Songwriter: (TIE) Noah Gabbard (Bombs for the Bored), Vikas Pawa (Nowhere Man)
  • Electric Guitar: Chris Dansdill (Misbehavin', Cornerstone)
  • Runners up: Mike Blommer (Bad News Blues Band), Naim Amor (Amor), Merritt Jacobs (Nowhere Man)
  • Acoustic Guitar: Greg Morton (Greg Morton Trio)
  • Runner up: Danny Krieger
  • Bass: Ron Zastaury (Misbehavin')
  • Runners up: Brian Davies (Crystal Ridge), Steve Grams (various)
  • Drums: Sean Thornhill (Misbehavin')
  • Runners up: Chip Ritter (Bad News Blues Band), Dmitri Manos (various)
  • Keyboards: Rob Resetar (Misbehavin')
  • Runners up: Michelle Kushner (Nowhere Man), Lisa Otey
  • Horn Player: Alex Flores (Bad News Blues Band)
  • Runners up: Noah Thomas (Fashionistas), Jon Villa (The Jons)
  • String Player: Mona Chambers (Fashionistas, Molehill Orkestrah)
  • Runners up: Dave Firestine (Round the House), Risha Druckman (Molehill Orkestrah)
  • Multi-Instrumental: Mark Robertson-Tessi (various)
  • Runner up: Dave Firestine (Round the House)



  • Gospel/Christian: Cornerstone
  • Comedy/Humor: The Croutons
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