Tales From the Outskirts

Intriguing stories from places a short drive away from Tucson

On July 3, 2003, we published our first set of Tales From the Outskirts.

Chris Limberis told the story of the interesting characters who can be found at the Triple T truck stop. Irene Messina described Oracle artist Jerry Parra's art made from discarded car parts and other recycled items. James Reel wrote about a Catholic library in the predominantly Mormon community of St. David, and Tim Vanderpool examined the hubbub created by the installation of Roman-style columns in the Patagonia town park.

In the years since, Tales From the Outskirts has become an annual series, and has included tales from communities throughout southern and central Arizona.

This year, we're bringing you stories from Kitt Peak, Arivaca, Bisbee and the Tohono O'odham Nation's new Cultural Center and Museum in Topawa.

We hope you'll enjoy these stories as much as we've enjoyed crafting them.

Welcome to Tales From the Outskirts 7.

Read: Kitt Peak | Topawa/Sells | Bisbee | Arivaca

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