Sweet Tweets

Some things worth noting as November turns to December ...

• A couple of weeks ago, I noted that the Tucson Weekly has a presence on Facebook and MySpace. (And if you have not yet become a fan or sent a friend request ... what in the heck are you waiting for?!) Well, we've made yet another foray into that vast social-networking world: We're now on Twitter. If you, too, are on Twitter, then start following us!

We promise to "tweet" better stuff than, say, the Tucson Citizen, which, shortly before I wrote this, sent a message declaring, " Mom mistakes childbirth for diarrhea, flushes newborn."

• In an effort to lose weight and live a bit healthier of an existence, I've been going to the gym fairly frequently. And this leads to a question: Have you ever noticed that there's a guy who is ALWAYS at the gym? It doesn't matter which gym you go to; your gym has a guy like that. Does this guy have friends? A life? Is there a Gymbunnies Anonymous out there to help that guy?

• Be sure to pick up the Weekly throughout December. Coming up: Our GASP! last-minute gift guide (Dec. 11); Get Out of Town! (Dec. 18) and Local Heroes (Dec. 25); our New Year's Guide (Dec. 25); and, on Jan. 1, our Year in Review/Best of Tucson™ recap (Jan. 1).

• Finally ... it's Thanksgiving, so I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all of you for reading the Weekly. Without you, we would be just ink on (recycled) dead trees, or pixels on a computer screen. You're why we do what we do ... so thank you.

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