Sweet Treat: When life gives you Sublime’s lemon tea cakes, you’ve got cause to celebrate

click to enlarge Sweet Treat: When life gives you Sublime’s lemon tea cakes, you’ve got cause to celebrate
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Sublime's 100mg Lemon Tea Cake.

Last month, Sublime won the Best Baked Edible in Tucson Weedly’s Cannabis Bowl—and the reason readers love them probably has a lot to do with the brand’s extraordinary Lemon Tea Cake.

The treat, which has been on Sublime’s menu since 2017, is “hands down” the company’s most popular product, topping the company’s sales charts almost every month, according to Rickie Fainkujen, brand manager for Sublime. It’s little wonder: This moist and delicious cake, packed with 100mg of Sublime’s champagne distillate, is simply a superior cannabis edible. The lemon flavor overwhelms any underlying taste of cannabis, leaving just a sweet taste indistinguishable from your non-medicinal lemon bars.

“The Lemon Tea Cake was a group effort to create,” says Fainkujen, brand manager for Sublime. “Early in Sublime Brand’s life, we were trying to develop an infused lemon bar, but it was too messy to package. Chef Rich, who was brand new to the team at the time, helped create a moist lemon cake that would still have all the great lemon flavor you would get from a classic lemon bar, but also be easy to package and transport. Our lead kitchen help at the time made the suggestion to add white chocolate chips into the cake batter, and the rest is history!”

It’s also a potent method of cannabis delivery, so if you’re just dipping your toe into cannabis edibles, follow the old maxim “start low, go slow.” MJ veterans will find that a dose between 10mg and 25mg will get you into the zone.

In the Tucson area, you can find Sublime Lemon Tea Cakes at Nature Med, Earth’s Healing, Curaleaf and Harvest dispensaries.

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