Surreal Times

There are times when the world seems so damn...surreal.

We're living in a world where some Muslims are freaking out and engaging in all sorts of violence because of cartoons.

A world where our country's vice freaking president shot someone. A world where the White House press secretary insinuated that the shooting was the fault of Harry Whittington, the man who was shot, and not Cheney. (Advice for Dick Cheney and Scott McClellan: Get thee to a hunters' safety course right now, assholes!) A world in which hateful bigot Len Munsil is running for Arizona governor (and stands a good chance of winning the GOP primary), and everyone and their mother is running to replace Jim Kolbe.


While all of this stuff is at least touched upon in this week's issue, we're choosing to instead dedicate our cover story space to an issue that, by comparison, seems so darned quaint: the fate of the Reid Park elephants.

"Seems" is an adequate word; it's actually quite an important story. It's a tale involving the fate of millions of dollars and, of course, the elephants--animals which are suffering, at least according to the animal-rights activists who want the elephants moved to a sanctuary. Check out the report by Jim Nintzel and Carrie Stern. And be sure not to miss next week's issue: the much-anticipated Rant Issue!

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