Summertime Ramblings

Some random thoughts as summer officially approaches ...

· Thanks to all of you who voted--legally and ethically--for the Best of Tucson®. While I don't have the official ballot count yet, it appears that more than 1,000 people voted. Ballot stuffing wasn't as bad as it's been in previous years; we only had to throw out two businesses, which we'll decline to identify (although ballots are still being reviewed). Again, thanks to you all, and mark your calendars for Sept. 29, the date the issue will hit the streets.

· Another big thank you, this time to all the folks involved in the TAMMIES. While the TAMMIES ceremony will be history by the time you read this--and it hasn't happened yet as I write this--I am sure (*fingers crossed*) it went swimmingly. Thanks to all of the music writers who penned stories for the 12-page pullout, and special thanks to the dozen music aficionados who voted for our Critics' Choice awards. And, of course, thanks again to all of you who voted and didn't try to stuff the figurative box.

· A tip for all you restaurant and bar owners/managers out there: If one of our wonderful, hard-working interns calls you and/or one of your employees to verify Chow Scan or Club Listings information, please do not be rude to them. We are calling to make sure we're being as accurate as possible--and these listings tell people about your business, for free. And while we offer these listings as a public service, and would not remove a listing for a restaurant or bar because someone was acting like a dick, we would most certainly consider pointing out--in this very space--which establishments' representatives were being rude. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

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