Stupid in Tucson

Some random acts of stupidity that have recently occurred in our lovely city:

• Fast-food giveaways at the gym. LA Fitness allowed a fast-food place to give out free eats to gym-goers at the Park Place Mall location last week.

And by "eats," I mean hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches.

Look ... I work in a fairly high-stress, low-physical-activity job (unless you count taking calls from deranged conspiracy theorists to be physical activity), and I am trying hard to eat well and exercise more. (Aren't we all?) The LAST thing I need is my gym—which I pay good money to go to (or not go to, depending on the week)—dispensing free hot dogs.

Really stupid move, LA Fitness. Really stupid.

However, this was not the biggest moron maneuver in Tucson over the last week; that distinction goes to ...'s editorial in the April 19 Arizona Daily Star, which encouraged voters to reject Proposition 100 in an effort to "force the Legislature to solve the state budget deficit properly." Anyone who has been paying attention to the state Legislature knows that it's run by a bunch of anti-tax, anti-government zealots who would love nothing more to cut, cut, cut in favor of more privatization and more tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy. Voting against Prop 100 would just send these "conservatives" a message that it's A-OK to destroy Arizona's education and health-care systems (for starters).

This editorial is either pure ignorance or pure stupidity. Take your pick.

If you want to read an intelligent take on Proposition 100 (the proposed one-cent-per-dollar sales-tax hike), see our feature story.

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