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Random thoughts bouncing around the ol' noggin this week ...

· If you're interested in being our Media Watch columnist, send your credentials to my e-mail address above ASAP. We're still looking for someone fantastic to replace Walt Nett in several weeks. We want someone who is a good writer, a great reporter, knowledgeable about the local media, relatively free of conflicts of interest and unafraid of stirring the figurative shite. E-mail me!

· I saw this blogged somewhere several weeks ago, and it's worth sharing ... go to This is a section of the real FEMA Web site dedicated to kids. What I find stunning is not the bio of the now-deposed (but still-on-the-payroll) former FEMA director; I am stunned by the bit of art in the upper left-hand corner: a little dark-skinned kid getting chased by a wave. What in the hell?!?

· There's an election next Tuesday, Nov. 8. If you care the slightest bit about this fair city of ours, go vote. Check out our campaign wrap-up, penned by that dapper Jim Nintzel, in this issue.

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