Start of Something New

Spring training games are now under way. As quite a baseball fan, these meaningless games have me quite excited. I'm also excited because it means that spring's here, at least unofficially.

Seeing as I live next to Reid Park, you can count on seeing me at a game or two at Hi Corbett.

Speaking of starting anew ...

· We're beginning to put together the ballot for Best of TucsonTM 21.

For you newbies, here's how the process works: For seven or eight weeks starting in April, we publish the official Best of TucsonTM ballot, featuring more than 130 categories. You, the stunningly intelligent reader, fill it out--following all the appropriate rules, of course--either online (preferred) or on paper. Then we tabulate the results, and all of us Weekly staffers and contributors go to work on the issue, mostly during the sleepy summer months. Finally, the issue hits the streets around the end of September--on Sept. 27 this year.

Then everyone enjoys the hell out of the issue, and we Weekly folks take several months off from even thinking about BOT. That respite has ended, and we're now taking our yearly look at the ballot and deciding what categories to add, and which ones to delete.

To view last year's BOT, check out our Web site. If you have any suggestions on categories to add or subtract, please drop me a line. My e-mail address is above; if you'd rather call, my direct line is (520) 295-4221. God help me, I answer the phone if I happen to be at my desk when you call; if I am away, leave a message. Any and all serious suggestions are appreciated, even if we don't end up using them. I thank you in advance for your two cents!

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